I am proud to offer the latest technology in laser hair removal with my state-of-the-art Diode Laser. I will talk with you to discover what will work best for you during consultation.


I offer Laser hair removal for:
> Men
> Women
> Transgender
> Indian skin
> Asian skin
> Arabic skin
> Black skin
> White skin
> Sensitised skin
> In grown hairs
> Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
> Menopausal hair growth

Diode laser is the latest breakthrough technology throughout all other laser hair removal systems. It uses a small light beam with a narrow focus to target specific areas in the skin.

Diode lasers offer the deepest penetration levels over 3 different wavelengths to target different layers in the dermis and subcutaneous layer to give the most effective results post treatment.

This means that we can not only treat hair removal but also skin rejuvenation treatments such as vascular therapy, pigmentation removal and anti wrinkle treatments as well!

Unlike other laser hair removal systems you don’t need to worry about any discomfort. Our diode has integrated cooling technology which improves the patient’s comfort level.

The benefits of our Diode Laser treatment include:
> Safe and effective treatments for all skin types
> Quick and virtually painless procedure
> No downtime required
> Long lasting hair removal results

However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks associated with any Laser treatment. These include temporary redness, itching, and swelling, and in very rare cases, hyperpigmentation or scarring.

Areas available for this treatment include
> Face – Forehead, brows, lip, cheek, jaw, chin
> Neck
> Torso
> Under arms
> Arms
> Bikini line – Brazilian or Hollywood
> Legs
> Fingers and toes

I offer bespoke packages for clients with specific problem areas – Contact me with your enquiries today!

Pre treatment Requirements
> Consultation – including medical history
> Patch test
> Pay booking fee
> Shave area 3-5 days before treatment (5 o’clock shadow is target length)
> Do not pluck or wax before treatment
> Wear loose comfortable clothing to your appointment (preferably White)
> Make sure there is no suntan or fake tan for 1 month before treatment
> Fake tan must be fully removed by client before treatment (lost appointments due to this will be charged at full price of treatment)
> No Makeup, perfume or deodorant on skin 24 hours before treatment
> Avoid aspirin and alcohol for 24 hours before treatment
> Must not be on any form of Acne medication
> I cannot treat anyone with a pacemaker fitted
> A full medical history including current conditions and medications must be disclosed at the consultation - Must not be on any anticoagulant medication. Failure to disclose this information could result in the client receiving adverse reactions to the treatments.

What to expect During Treatment?
> You will be welcomed by me, Vicki, in to a clean, warm and comfortable environment
> I will guide you through your treatment and achieve the best results possible
> Discretion – your privacy is paramount

For a more in-depth step to step guide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will advise you on the best methods to help achieve your desired results. Strict guidelines MUST be adhered to or your results may be affected.

You will be given written aftercare advice after each treatment, these include;
> You MUST wear an SPF 50+ that protects against UVA, UVB & HEV Rays every 2 hours. This is going to protect the skin and prevent hyperpigmentation. It is best to have minimal exposure to sunlight.
> DO Not use Sun Beds or Sunbathe at all throughout your treatment process.
> Avoid any excessive activity that will conduct heat, such hot showers/baths, saunas, exercise, massage for 24 hours.
> Wear loose comfortable, cotton clothing.
> Do not scratch, rub or irritate the treated area.
> Avoid make up, Fake tan, deodorants, perfumes and chlorine on the skin for 24 hours as it can cause adverse reactions. Skin heals best at night and when it is free from chemicals.
> Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Aqueous Cream are good product to promote skin healing.
> Avoid Hot/Spicy foods because our bodies can be much more sensitive.
> If the area feels like a sunburn sensation, is red or slightly raised, this is completely normal but you can use ice wrapped in fabric and then placed onto the skin to cool and calm.
> It can be common for blisters to occur during the healing process, please do not panic! They will settle down. Please keep them dry and do not pick them as they will be open to infection. Again, Cold compresses will help.

In the rare case that you may encounter any urgent reactions, please contact us immediately for advice or seek medical help for emergencies.

Hair Removal FAQ’s

Q. Is it painful?

A. No! you may feel slight discomfort in tender areas of the body due to the temperature of the Laser (Hot/Cold)

Q. How does it work?
A. During laser hair removal, our laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, known as melanin. The lights energy is converted in to heat, which destroys the hair follicles. This damage caused by the laser beam inhibits or delays future hair growth.

Q. How Long Does Hair Removal Take?
A. Anything from 5 minutes – 1.5 hours. It all depends on the area to be treated and what method is best suited to you. I will discuss this in your consultation.

Q. How many sessions will I need?
A. Hair grows in stages and as the Laser treatment is only effective when the hair is in the early growth (anagen) stage. My extensive experience tells me that you can expect to need a minimum of 5-6 treatments to each treatment area for long lasting optimal results. Please consider that every individual is different so there are many factors to consider. Some of these include Thickness of the hair shaft, Area, Stage of Hair growth, Age of the skin, quality of the skin, Lifestyle of the client, Aftercare maintained.

Q. What Areas Can be Treated?
A. Please See List in Hair Removal. For enquiries on specific areas, please contact me.

Q. Can I Have Treatments If I Am Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
A. No! It is deemed unethical.

Q. Are There Side Effects To Having A Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
A. After the treatment you may experience some mild redness and/or swelling. This is completely normal and will subside quickly. Lots of people do not notice any change on the skin at all, only that the hair does not return later on! Blisters may appear after a hair removal session, although they are rare. They generally heal very well. You may also experience some lightening or dark patches on the skin, following the aftercare advice correctly will help to minimise this.

Q. How Old Do I Need To Be?
A. From 18+ Years


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