I safely and precisely target skin tags, removing them without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Achieve smooth and blemish-free skin with this quick and efficient laser treatment for skin tag removal.


Why consider Skin Tag Removal?
> Skin tags are unsightly and can have a devastating effect on self-confidence, especially on visible areas.
> In these modern times, we are constantly worrying about our appearance, and having to cover areas we don’t like, such as our neck with a scarf because we have skin tags
> Skin tags may be causing irritation by catching on clothing or jewellery.
> Cosmetic procedures such as removal of skin tags are no longer treated by doctors on the NHS.
> I am able to treat skin tags safely and quickly with no downtime.
> These skin tags can be instantly removed with my non-invasive treatment methods.

How I remove your Skin Tag
The Skin Tag is removed via cauterising the excess skin with a small handheld device. It is very fast and typically painless although larger tags may be a little more sensitive so we can provide numbing creams to help aid any discomfort.

After the treatment
When the skin tag has been removed, I clean the area up and you are good to go! The area may be slightly red immediately after and it will be open to infection, so it is very important to protect the area for a few days until it has scabbed over. Full after advice will be given for you to take home.

The area generally heals flat, you may notice mild hypopigmentation where it was removed but there are treatments I can offer to help if it is a problem to you.


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