This non-invasive procedure effectively targets and reduces the appearance of thread veins, enhancing the overall complexion. Say goodbye to unwanted red and purple veins, and reveal smoother, more even-toned skin with this advanced laser treatment.


As we age, our skin is faced by many challenges which may be due to:
> Congenital Conditions
> Medication
> Medical Conditions
> Alcohol/Smoking
> Hormones
> Environmental damage
> Trauma

There are many factors that can cause our skin to break out into tiny blood capillaries, otherwise known as blood vessels, spider veins but medically known as telangiectasia. These tiny capillaries are the smallest vessels in the body, their purpose is to deliver nutrients to the finer layers of skin, but because they are so superficial to the skins surface, they are also very fragile, therefore the vessels are damaged very easily and can rupture. They can look red, blue or purple on the skin and are predominately found on the back of the legs, around the nose or cheeks.

They aren’t the same dangerous type of veins that we know commonly as Varicose veins, however, they are unsightly for some and we understand that it can damage confidence. I only treat veins less than 3mm thick.

It is hard to predict how many treatments someone may need due to size and location, but generally results are shown after 3-5 sessions 3 weeks apart. The capillaries can often look darker before they get lighter, this is due to the clotting process and the abnormal capillary vessels closing. It can feel a little stingy on more sensitive areas but it’s very quick and often over before you know it!

Once the treatment is done, you may see some slight redness or swelling but it will go down very quickly. You may also experience some itching; this is completely normal and is the process of the skin healing. A cold compress can help cool and soothe the vessels and heal the area quicker.

It is very important to follow the aftercare advice you are given after any laser skin treatment, especially protecting your skin from UVA/UVB and HEV Rays. This will benefit your treatment greatly and also protect your skin from further damage.


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